granite masonry heater.

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Masonry Heater.
Stone chimney. Brick Fireplace.
Twisting Chimney. Chimney Cap.

About the Mason:

Bill Roddy's father started his apprenticeship in 1929 at Lowell house in Cambridge Mass.

The foreman on the job, an old Scotsman, Tommy Blair was notorious for keeping everything within 1/64 inch.

This high standard has been passed down from generation to generation.

Round Steps.
Lowell House.

Bill Roddy's father had the opportunity to serve under two old timers on the Ames Building.

Both buildings, built by hand the age-old way of solid masonry brick and stone, will be around for many generations.

Bill Roddy began his apprenticeship in 1967 as a helper and has been a mason for nearly four decades.

Today, Bill Roddy is bringing the old tradition of beauty and function into the masonry heaters, fire places, chimneys, and masonry systems that he designs and builds.

Ames building.

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